Character planner and hypermap

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Character planner and hypermap

Post by plscks »

Hello! The Nexus Clash Breath 5 Character Planner is here! It is still a project I am working on, at this point most of the backend functionality is there and I am continually working on the UI of it. Right now it might look goofy and may not be terribly mobile friendly, but please understand that it is a work in progress. If you find any bugs in it please, please, please signup/login to GitHub and submity a bug report so that I can get the issue fixed up for everyone.

In addition to the planner please note that the hypermap will be hosted from GitHub Pages directly through its repository there, and again, please submit a bug report if you find an issue with it.

I want both of these projects to reflect accurate information so the entire community can benefit from them. If you cannot do GitHub issues, then feel free to leave a bug report in this thread and I can add it to the appropriate issue tracker. Thank you very much and I hope you all enjoy playing Nexus Clash Breath 5!
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Re: Character planner and hypermap

Post by MrFrank »

Eternal Soldier's "Master of Endurance" description seems to be incorrect:
This skill grants +20 maximum HP, and heals 20 HP every time a Poison or Minor Poison effect is cured.

According to the wiki it should be:
The Eternal Soldier gains +5 to their AP and HP cap. They also gain +10 inventory space.

Also, "Way of Void" reads:
"The effects grants +5% to the factionmates of the Eternal Soldier"

According to wiki it should be +5% accuracy.
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Re: Character planner and hypermap

Post by sohdbrimks »

Planner was fine earlier today but for some reason it's bugging a lot now. When I click reset or refresh the page, I seen to be getting one or two random mortal skills already selected as if they were free skills.

After picking the classes, resetting or refreshing the page, sometimes the build looks like this from the start:

Build Plan
Level CP Skill
1 -10 Engineering
30 -10 Ranged Combat
2 10 ---Level Up---
1 -10 Hand-to-Hand Combat

Removing the skills doesn't work since then I end up with extra cp.
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