The state of infusion

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Re: The state of infusion

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Huojin wrote: Fri Jun 17, 2022 11:08 am Yeah, there's no benefit for Good (or Unaligned) in holding territory, except denying it to Evil and making their lives slightly easier. We need some kind of end-game content there for the other alignments to actually provide an incentive.

Just while we're on the topic of infusion more generally though - to the extent it's retained in its current form, please can we make it a grindable thing? I'm sure some limits would have to be put in place, but it would make it at least a little more appealing if there was some long term benefit.
"Denying it to Evil" is literally what I've been doing for my faction in our current battle.
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Re: The state of infusion

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Considering how ussually it's more fun to get something, even small, ourselves, than it is to make so that omeone else doesn't get anything, I think this should definitely be revamped.
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