Community Notification - Nayru User Ban

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Community Notification - Nayru User Ban

Post by Kandarin »

The administrative team was presented with a substantial amount of evidence indicating that Nayru had previously engaged in inappropriate sexual conversations with a community member that she knew to be a minor at the time, while she was significantly older. We found the evidence compelling enough to warrant a permanent ban from NexusClash. To protect the identity of the person involved, the administration team is not planning on discussing any further details of this ban at this time.

Knowingly engaging in abusive and/or harassing behavior is grounds for a ban from the Nexus community. Please speak up if you feel harassed or belittled within this community because it is not acceptable to us.
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Re: Community Notification - Nayru User Ban

Post by oath2order »


I know how controversial this issue is, especially in the Discord overnight. I'm not here to talk about specifically about the actual ban itself. I'm not here to talk about whether this was investigated properly, or if facts were verified. I'm quoting Kandarin's post from the Discord on this.
If someone did sexually inappropriate things toward a minor we have to assume they are a potential danger to other members of the community, and to do otherwise would be to take terrible risks with people's wellbeing and safety
I found out about this by being DM'd from another faction member. It's weird to me that it didn't get posted in my faction's Discord server's announcement channel, which does auto-post everything posted in the official NC. But whatever, that's a technical issue. Upon finding out about this, I prompted banned the user from the faction in-game (which, okay, meaningless because their account is banned), but also banned them from the faction's Discord server.

My complaint is that I, along with anyone else who ran a Discord server that was both a) one that Nayru was part of and b) one that was for a faction of this game, should have been informed of this, either through a ping or a DM. It is a very good thing that I was online, to remove them as quickly as possible.

But if I wasn't? Assuming all the evidence is verified, this is not someone who I would have wanted in the server for any length of time. Yes, there are other faction leaders but this broke kind of late on a Sunday night, people have work and go to bed at reasonable times. There is a vested interest in faction leaders being notified directly of this.

This is not the first time this has happened with a user in my faction. If I'm recalling correctly, Sweedee was banned in December 2019 over accusations of sexual harassment. I am not trying to relitigate the facts of that case. At the time, he was the top member of the faction, with myself considered as like "vice leader", basically. At the time, it would have been very nice to have been given a heads up of "hey your faction leader is banned". At the time, I don't even believe there was a forum post, which is why I found out through Sweedee himself about this.

TL;DR you need to notify faction leaders that you're permabanning people, especially for things like this case, so that we can make sure to take appropriate actions ourselves for out-of-game communication methods.
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