Community notification - Skouth user ban

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Community notification - Skouth user ban

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Fellow Nexals,

After significant discussion throughout the Development Team, the dev/mod/admin team has applied a user ban on Skouth. It should be noted that this ban is not a result of any one rulebreaking action, but is the result of a long series of rulebreaking activities in the past, including harassment of other players, alt abuse, violation of restricted-content rules and violation of reporting rules. This player's actions and tone have continually been marked by anger and hostility toward the site, its players, and the developers. As per The Rules, we ask players to treat one another with respect, and this is consistently something Skouth simply has not done.

The Administration Team would like to note that we have shown an extraordinary amount of leniency in the past, allowing a large amount of strikes to accumulate long past the point where they should have come due in a permaban. We are well aware that serial trolls and abusers are skilled at arguing that no one thing they did amounts to One Big Thing that, standing utterly on its own, justifies a permaban. We as a team are watchful for larger patterns of behavior that indicate that someone is serially abusive toward others and is not going to change, even if no one of those behaviors is One Big Thing.

We are also aware that serial trolls and abusers are often skilled at showing their abusive side only toward some people, whilst taking care to present to some others as genial, funny and charming - in order to leverage those friendships as insurance against accountability. It is our understanding that this is the case here, and that some players may feel shocked and offended at a ban on a player who they may find likeable. We would like to reiterate that this was long overdue, that it had broad team-wide consensus, and was the culmination of many strikes over a long period of time. If the community is to have rules and accountability, those rules must apply to everyone, even players who are widely popular in some corners of the meta.

The Nexus Clash Administration Team
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