Halloween Costume Contest

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Halloween Costume Contest

Post by Lychwood »

You wake to find Cordillera plastered with flyers. Strangely quaint, each flyer appears to be hand-scribed onto a piece of crumbling parchment. The yellowing scrolls are numerous, affixed to doors and signal towers all over the settlement. As you approach you can see fine strands of cobwebs clinging to the paper.

You are cordially invited to a long weekend of festivity and seasonal delights! The Master of the House has ordered its doors open to the masses as we hold a costumed masquerade in honor of All Hallows' Eve. Beginning October 28th, our manor grounds will be readied for all who wish to pay homage to the spirits of the season. Do not worry about finding us--all roads lead to the Revel.

Regards, and see you there.
Dictated from the desk of Cucurbita Rex
Huh, what strangely quaint stationery. I wonder what it's all about? Guess we'll see at the end of the month. Anyway, I've still got an announcement to make!!

Hello Nexals, and welcome to SPOOKTOBER.

We've got a few special surprises in store to celebrate the season, the first of which is a drawing contest! The prompt is simple: Draw a Nexus Clash character (or several) in Halloween costume. Entries must be completed and added to this forum thread by October 30th, and winners will be chosen on the 31st.

1st place: 750 credits
2nd place: 500 credits

There will be two entry categories that are judged separately: Player-generated and AI-generated. First and second prizes will be awarded in each category.

Entry rules:
-One entry per player per category (i.e. you may submit both a handmade and AI-drawn entry, but only one of each)
-Entries must be original art by the player
-Art may be digital or hand drawn
-I feel like I'm forgetting something, but hopefully not. Keep it SFW? It's a general forum rule so it shouldn't need restating, but...

You're probably asking yourself: Is this it? Is this all the autumnal entertainment the Nexus has to offer? The answer is NO! An addendum to that answer is: I can't tell you any more than that right now! So get to scribbling and keep one eye on the horizon. There is more to come.
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Re: Halloween Costume Contest

Post by pyroshroom »

I give you Mango dressed as a lich - AI generated
MangoLich.png (866.92 KiB) Viewed 791 times
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Re: Halloween Costume Contest

Post by Kraufen »

Here is buff toad dressed up as count Dracula (or just a vampire/revenant or whatever)
It's AI generated
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Re: Halloween Costume Contest

Post by Skouth »

Kharn, dressed as Kharn, faces a mighty foe, the Male Foo Lion. Off screen is the female Foo Lion.
I drew that :^)
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Re: Halloween Costume Contest

Post by Jelly_m00n »

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Re: Halloween Costume Contest

Post by SkullFace »

A selection the PoR crew, all done up in classic Universal Monster Movie fashion (AI generated):
4146065618_A_detailed_anatomically_correct_picture_of_a_crew_of_evil_pirates__in_the_style_of_Alex_Ross_.png (491.56 KiB) Viewed 517 times
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Re: Halloween Costume Contest

Post by Patrucio »

Ayn Rand dressed as an astronaut, getting ready to go to the haunted house party (AI-Generated)
Ayn in space.png
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Re: Halloween Costume Contest

Post by Naganted2 »

A fresh Time Clone just back from a strange and delirious adventure.
- Just edited the photo. Not an original creation.
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Re: Halloween Costume Contest

Post by NearNihil »

My entries.

1. AI-generated: Alinar putting the final touches to his costume.

2. Hand-drawn (on paper!): Desert Rain Fr- vampire!
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Re: Halloween Costume Contest

Post by squib »

Inspired by Xiph's costume, squib submits a squib-generated collage, don't mind the slime.

Xiph- Thin, dark green scales cover large sections of this man's body. His eyes are a deep, blood red, shaped like almonds, and his face has elongated almost into a snout. He is wearing a Bedsheet with eyeholes. His eyes are a sinister blood red.

- Xiph sweeps into the area in a crude ghost costume. Translucent tendrils provide an illusion of levitating. (2022-10-28 00:19:39).
(p.s. congrats on the Maxxout)
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