Rules in the Club

For in-character discussion of NexusClash. While you must still be considerate of other posters, you may explore your role-playing side and do not need to extend the same courtesy to characters.
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Rules in the Club

Post by BobGeneric » Fri Aug 06, 2021 11:53 pm

So, I think there's enough momentum now to separate the Game Discussion (Out of Character) forums from an "In-Character" forum. Most of the following was shamelessly stolen from Magpie in the original NexusWar Forums.

We can't have a heartless tyrannical regime crushing the oppressed masses without some RULES around this place. Here they are:

- While our CHARACTERS are enemies and rivals, and are on "different teams," the members of this community are NOT enemies and rivals. We are all on the same team... we're all trying to work together to have fun and create a great story that stretches across planes, breaths, and so on. The players (human beings) here are your FRIENDS and are on your side, even if the puppets they use (their characters) are sometimes diametrically opposed to the puppets you use (your characters).

-Let us know which character is posting. It's not always obvious. Add a link to the character in the post, "sign" your post, or find another way to let us know which character is posting.

-Keep your posts IN-CHARACTER, or at least justifiable from a Role-Playing perspective. This forum is for trading tall tales around the campfire, gloating over victories and bemoaning defeats - from the perspective of your Nexus War character(s). Threads that go Out Of Character and stay that way will be locked.

-We're just playing. Posts in here should be exciting, colourful, and entertaining, not only because I have to read them all. However, make sure your anger is In Character anger, not OOC anger. In other words, it's fine if your character is angry, or a jerk. Just don't *you* be an angry jerk. So, be mad at people's characters, not the people. No personal attacks. If you find yourself getting genuinely angry, take a break. If you have trouble separating IC from OOC, please don't post here.

-Don't be afraid to branch out. Sometimes IC discussions may lead to questions about the game that you want to discuss OOC, which is fine, but please start a fresh thread in the appropriate forum.

- No dogpile threads. To be very clear, I don't care who does them and on what target, no more 'X faction's ward is down, free feast inside!' or variations on that. There's private IRC channels, PMs, and instant messaging for that sort of thing.

- Be careful posting raid logs. Raid logs are usually pretty spammy and attacking spam should be cleaned up if they are even posted at all. Oftentimes, Raid Log posts are a method to complain or gloat at the other faction - don't do it. Ask yourself the following:
- is this raid log really so out of the ordinary? After all, the average player is involved in several raids every week. If it isn't, then DON'T PASTE IT!
- what is the amusing/astounding quality that I think this raid log possesses, and can I edit out some of the combat spam so that that quality comes through better? Indeed, can I pare it down to JUST the amusing/astounding bits, and leave out all of the dull crap?
- could this make it into the "Amusing things seen in game" thread in Out-of-Character/General Discussion instead?
- can I write an IC prose description from my character's viewpoint which conveys what went on in a less dull and offputting manner?

I think these are enough Rules to give me an excuse to dispense unpleasantly harsh justice in an arbitrary manner.