Adamant Kinship

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Adamant Kinship

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No gods above us! Humanity shall claim victory for themselves!

Hi, this is a thread for the Adamant Kinship. I know that, mechanically, Guilds don't exist yet - but we don't need that! I intend to push forwards a group dedicated to the roleplay aspect of liberating humanity from the great game of the Elder Powers. To strive for a non-Elder Power victory, with the mechanics-based schemes that may involve, such as striving for 0 Infusion. Not Good, Evil or Neutral - ZERO. Screw the Elder Powers.

I'm also very open to further ideas on how else to rebel against the system and strive for this ideal - join in the fun and let me know your thoughts! Down with the Elder Powers! Humanity shall rise!

In true AK fashion, there won't be a faction for this either, although I've made a Discord to coordinate and discuss:

Spread the word! Put up the posters! Let the Elder Powers know that mankind will WIN!

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Re: Adamant Kinship

Post by Fellis »

OOC: I moved this to Club Jormungandr since it feels like a better fit here. Sign your posts with a character!

I have no issue with the destruction of the Elder Powers since there is one truth above the elder powers that humanity must strive for. Of course I am speaking of adherence to The Fire Code. Already brave MFD firefighters have scoured this new land for home base where we can begin research on the proper ordinances. These domed structures must have had their fair share of over-occupancy incidents that usually lead to arson and mass death by burning (99% of cases I have responded to at least) and even more stringent code must be enforced.

-LLENN, MFD Chief- Vice Unit
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Re: Adamant Kinship

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It's really simple guys - if you don't want to die in a horrific flesh-melting fire, you need to leave the libraries alone.

- Darkwingstalker, Fire Chief, MFD
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Re: Adamant Kinship

Post by littleglassflowers »

C'mon, now. There's no way we'll unrig this thing - the world is about pain, and facing pain.
If the Elder Powers had left humanity an out clause, it'd be one that spontaneously conveyed us right into Tholaghru's cavernous gullet as some kind of cosmic consolation prize.


That being said, and if I may mangle a quote by the Blessed Sister Miriam Godwinson...
"Some would ask - how could a perfect god create a universe filled with so much that is evil? They have missed a greater conundrum; why would a perfect god create a universe, at all..?"

Even the powers that sell themselves as 'good', well I'm sure I don't have to convince any of you here. I don't think there's any future in trying to build a future without them, but I guess I'll be quietly cheering for you all (you can do it).

About the fire patrol, though... You're going to have to pass that boot around some other time. I've got no money. None. Nil.

- Francesca
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Re: Adamant Kinship

Post by cat »

A recursive cat, formerly known as the mechanical cat, makes available a recording which may be of interest.
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