DO: Bought back Caustic Horns, still have the attack

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DO: Bought back Caustic Horns, still have the attack

Post by Thenixon »

- 🎱 has elected to buy back Caustic Horns for 450 Experience Points. XP earned will now go towards buying back this skill instead of counting toward advancement. When the requisite XP have been earned, the skill will be removed and the CP will be refunded. (2023-05-23 01:29:09).

- Your Dark Oppressor skill Caustic Horns, has been removed by the Hand of Fate. The 30 Character Points spent to purchase this skill have been refunded. (2023-05-24 01:51:51).
Thought that was all over, seemed to work. The horns have been removed from my character's appearance. But this morning i noticed the attack was still in dropdown.

And just so we're clear here on who should go to horn jail:
6:51 AM]Lamia: Poke someone. See what happens
[6:51 AM] Lamia: For science
- As 🎱 attacked, 2 swarms of Stygian Murder Wasps escaped from the body of Mission J. Frog and buzzed angrily around them! (2023-05-25 11:18:45).
- You attack Mission J. Frog with your Caustic Horns and hit for 10 points of acid damage. This attack also bore a mild poison with it! You gain 10 XP. (2023-05-25 11:18:45).
(wasps missed)
- You say, "this is going in my research publication" (2023-05-25 11:23:03).
- You give your Blood Ice to Mission J. Frog. (2023-05-25 11:26:55).
So...buyback bug, DO bug, database-breaking name bug?
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Re: DO: Bought back Caustic Horns, still have the attack

Post by Kandarin »

Wide-ranging serious bug with a lot of other implications.

There's a pending fix for this for the next patch.
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