WM random mutations are bugged

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WM random mutations are bugged

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When trying to randomly mutate Wrackwyrm with Mutatgenic Touch, it stops working and gives this error message even though you aren't specifying a mutation and it is not fully mutated. Sometimes you can mutate something else and then try to mutate it immediately after and it will go through, but it never seems to reach full mutation and will never say no mutations remaining in the dropdown menu.

Also, randomly mutating hellhounds will display in the dropdown that they have no mutations remaining, but you can still mutate them 1 more time, which then removes the no mutations remaining text despite being fully mutated, making it very confusing to tell which pets are mutated fully and which aren't. I first noticed these bugs around the 15th.
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Re: WM random mutations are bugged

Post by Kandarin »

The issue here was the narrower mutation range of Wrackwyrms - the code wasn't recognizing that correctly and was reaching for barred mutations - with greater odds as the pool of available mutations narrowed.

This is fixed now.
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