Inconsistent/Unexpected Item counts/weights

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Inconsistent/Unexpected Item counts/weights

Post by Fellis »

Posting because we are aware of this one. If you are seeing something different from below, please post more information. Thanks!

Note: We believe that your total item weight at the top of the screen is typically correct even if the individual weights are not. Please let us know if this is not the case! The items have seemed fine in the database, but are displaying incorrectly

Items will display incorrect weight (1wt instead of 2wt)
# of Items will change weight displayed (1 item is 1wt, 2 items are 4wt, 3 items are 9wt)
# of Items will not display properly (you can drop 5 cans of soup but if you pick them up there are only 3 listed)
Item weights change as items are dropped/picked up
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Re: Inconsistent/Unexpected Item counts/weights

Post by Sul »

21 books displays as 2 count, 4 weight.

ETA: oh I didn't see this was in Squashed. I'll repost.
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Re: Inconsistent/Unexpected Item counts/weights

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Seeing incorrect item weight totals on my character Janni ( ... ter&id=997). Except for Potions, none of the items for which multiples are being carried are showing their total weight, just the weight of each individual item. Five FAKS - weight 2. This persists if items are dropped and picked up again, or if a different item of the same type is picked up.
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