Origami Bow not despawning

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Origami Bow not despawning

Post by Lychwood »

Been quite a morning over here:
- You reach for the image of a bow tattooed on your skin and focus your magic. The tattoo peels away and with a few deft motions you unfold it to become a full-size bow made of mystic origami. (2022-02-18 00:25:16).
^when I summoned it

- You reload your Origami Bow with your Quiver of Arrows. (2022-02-18 13:26:06).
^when I noticed it was still hanging around

I did wish for this the other day, so if one of the Elder Powers out there heard my prayer and granted it, I don't want to seem ungrateful. Just staying honest. :P
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Re: Origami Bow not despawning

Post by Kandarin »

This is intended behavior. Each summoning provides one quiver free but after that you must reload.
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