MP Not going up on tick

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MP Not going up on tick

Post by molovian »

On the game tick, sometimes my MP goes up and sometimes not. So far it seems like every other tick it goes back and forth between going up and not going up.

My character is at ... r&id=11755

I also noticed that when my AP was zero and my MP was zero and I came back several hours later my MP was about half my AP which should of gone up at the same rate on tick and both were not at full.

This seems to happen whether I am dead or not and I am doing nothing special, just reading books and moving and searching.

I did just start to notice this just since I became a conduit and bought Cosmic Affinity and Wisp Form and it happens whether I am in wisp form or not.
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Re: MP Not going up on tick

Post by Klapaucius »

Noted something similar, regenerated 8mp over about 6 hours. ... er&id=1447

Elementalist, automatic regen is off, don't think I have any other abilities with an upkeep.
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Re: MP Not going up on tick

Post by Warharan »

Same for my poor lich.


No MP gain. :(

[edit; pics.]
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Re: MP Not going up on tick

Post by sekki »

Similar, had 19MP after 8 hours. Elementalist, nothing other than pets active.
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Re: MP Not going up on tick

Post by Repth »

Top minds are investigating.
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