Secret Ingredient tweak

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Secret Ingredient tweak

Post by Liemannen »

Would be funny if the secret ingredient could actually be a spell gem inside the food!

Currently secret ingredient inside the food is a spell cast by the conduit, but the Conduit needs to know that spell, but how about if in addition to known spells, spell gems could also be crushed and added to the food.

Doing it would destroy the gem used, which would make more demand for such gems and perhaps free some Safe space for all factions. And it would free Conduits from learning every buff/aura spell there is.

Secret Ingredient skill isn't that common so this would be a nice little buff to it.
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Re: Secret Ingredient tweak

Post by Alkasyn »

Agreed. I still wouldn't buy it again due to other limitations of the skill, but maybe some other people would?
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Re: Secret Ingredient tweak

Post by SharkyNebula »

What if instead of destroying the gem, it just removed a charge and added it to the food?
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Re: Secret Ingredient tweak

Post by NearNihil »

Promoted with SharkyNebula's suggestion.
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