Skills: Mutagenic Touch Synergies

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Skills: Mutagenic Touch Synergies

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Add synergies to WM skills to grant more/more powerful mutations.
  • Acid Spittle upgrades Acid Glands to make the secondary attack ranged, and deal extra damage equal to half the WM's acid spell affinity.
  • Translucency upgrades the Defensive mutation to give 15% instead of 10% dodge/defense.
  • Spontaneous Generation grants the Infest mutation- kills by the pet grant the WM a Stygian Bone Leech.
  • Metamorphic Unguis grants the Unstable mutation- 40% chance of a critical hit for +3 damage.
  • Life Vampire grants the Devour mutation- kills by the pet replenish 10AP/HP to the pet. Soul Vampire further improves this to grant 10MP as well.
  • Dark Heart grants the Soulsteal mutation- every successful attack drains 1MP, which is granted to the pet.
  • Poison grants the Venom mutation- attacks by the pet apply Minor Poison.
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Re: Skills: Mutagenic Touch Synergies

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Promote, though not necessarily in the exact forms seen here.
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