Understanding the Suggestions Dump

Suggestions the development team does not plan to act on
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Understanding the Suggestions Dump

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If you're reading this, you've taken a stroll down memory lane and are looking at Suggestions threads that did not get implemented or considered for implementation. We've gotten a lot of great input from players over the years and hope that we still do in the future. However, if you're a veteran player you may find some of your threads in here.

With that in mind, just because a thread is in here doesn't automatically mean that the idea was bad or that ideas like it would be rejected in the future without reason. Reasons why a suggestions thread might have ended up here include:

- The suggestion didn't provide enough information to work with.
- The suggestion is impractical to implement for technical reasons.
- It is identical to another suggestion that has already been Promoted or Implemented and thus the thread is redundant.
- The suggestion proposed a feature that already existed at the time the suggestion was made.
- The suggestion proposed changes to a system that has already changed so much since the suggestion that it no longer works.
- The suggestion proposes changes to a feature that devteam already plans to replace in the near future.
- The dev team believes that the problem that motivated the suggestion has been addressed by a different change.
- The suggestion was reviewed and rejected. While it would be nice if we had the time to fully explain why every suggestion was rejected, our time is limited and we may not do so - please do not take it personally.
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