Patch Notes - 2022 January 2

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Patch Notes - 2022 January 2

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Quality of Life and Interface:
* When a Font trap you set kills someone, the game now tells you this happened and tells you who you killed.
* When a Font trap kills you, the game now tells you who set the trap that killed you.
* Global messages (e.g., Ascension messages) should now appear in historical message logs accessible from your character pages.
* Fixed several issues with messages not displaying properly (e.g., variable replacement).

Major Bugs:
* Shepherds should now be able to transmute Spellgems.
* Fixed an issue where praying through a Relic was impossible if the Advocate was dead, effectively nullifying the Inviolate Form skill and many uses of Saintly Relics.
* Fixed a hilarious bug where any death caused by an aura raised a zombie in the aura-wielder's service as if the defender had Aura of the Crypt.
* Corrected an issue where the Dark Oppressor's Poltergeist Desecration result simply didn't work.
* Kills by Font traps now run the normal effects of death correctly and grant damage and kill stats to the killer.
* Made some changes that should address the issue of the interface not acknowledging when you're Flying. Let us know if you encounter this again.
* The ability to convert firearm ammunition from one type to another now appears in the crafting dropdown if the character has the "Gunsmith" skill.
* Divine Investiture no longer stacks with other armor if the Paladin does not also possess the Divine Armor skill.
* Divine Investiture now properly grants an Unholy soak bonus if the Paladin also possesses the Divine Armor skill.
* Spelltraps set to "any action" should now actually trigger on all AP-use actions. They are also triggered by the "Pick Up" action even though that costs 0 AP.
* You can now cast spells, charge spellgems, etc. while Tapping a font when you do not have sufficient personal MP but do have enough with the help of the Font.
* Angel/demon spellcasters that lose access to their powers due to alignment shifts can no longer cast spells already learned.
* Stygian Murder Wasps now properly generate when hit for exactly 5 damage.

Minor Bugs:
* Fixed an issue where deaths by Crossbow of Cold Resolve overuse didn't run some of the normal effects of death.
* Fixed a bug where praying through a Relic didn't tell you whose Relic it is on use.
* Fixed a bug that kept you from shooting at targets with hurled weapons.
* Inactive weapons now longer show up on the target shooting menu.
* Fixed an issue whereby you could remove the same armor multiple times (and be charged AP for it).
* When you pick up an item, its "do not show in weapon dropdown" flag is cleared.
* Clearer error message explaining that angels/demons that have lost their powers due to being the wrong alignment are not permitted by the Elder Powers to purchase additional angel/demon skills.
* Thrown weapons used against inanimate targets (e.g., barricades) do not auto-return to inventory without Nexal Return.
* Soul/Blood Ice generation was being too generous (always granted 2 ice starting at 11 damage instead of having 10% chance per point of damage above 10 to grant second ice).
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