Patch Notes - 2021 December 30

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Patch Notes - 2021 December 30

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Game Mechanics:
* Charging Spellgems now costs 2 AP, or 1 with Spellgem Affinity or an Arcane Lodestone.
* Offense Prayer results are now in minutes, not ticks.
* Making an attack while benefitting from an Offense Prayer result or Warriors Blessing will reduce the duration of the status by one minute. Combined with the above, this means that these buffs may be prepped prior to hunting or raiding and brought intact to the battlefield, but have a limited number of actual uses.
* Buying Sanctuary Blessing skills increases the chance of your Blessings being Defensive prayers. Buying Warriors Blessing skills increases the chance of your blessings being Offensive prayers. Purchasing skills from both trees will cancel out these effects.
* Spellgem Affinity only triggers if you're carrying chargeable gems for a spell you know. Otherwise, an Intermediate Magic Prayer will always just grant MP regeneration.
* Corruptors no longer have a pet limit on pets gained via ghoul and zombie conversion. The limit on direct pet captures remains.
* Spiritual Guide was only triggering when a Shepherd (or Blessing Recipient) was wounded. This is now no longer the case - The Good Elder Powers want you to heal people and gain Morality.
* Ending Stygian Fury no longer unhides a character.
* Rolling Blood Magic on a Desecration roll heals a large amount of health instead of granting the Blood Magic status when acquired at low health.

Quality of Life and Interface:
* Enchanted items are flagged in inventory like they were in Breath 4.
* i brought back my improved chontviewing from b4 and even made it look nicer 'kay thanks big ol' bepish <3
* ^ Translation: Enchanted item hover-over once again has the better legibility of TYPE(AMOUNT), i.e. fire(6).

Major Bugs:
* The character login screen now shows the correct XP thresholds.
* Solved a bug where Dark Oppressor Vassals were dismissed every time they leveled up.
* Solved a bug where Blazing Hosts triggered uselessly when an Advocate was alone with no one to grant the status to.
* Fixed an issue where Child of Tlacolotl was only applying its buffs on close-quarters attacks.
* Fixed an issue where Fallen and Redeemed weren't getting spell combat boosts from Spell Combat and Battle Magic.
* Undines don't have an aura anymore.
* Levitation should now bypass some obstacles that it didn't before.
* Removed a lingering issue that kept Katars from being enchanted.
* Resolved an issue that drove down the bonuses of Desecration when the killer is a Defiler's Pet.
* Hypermap should show Elysium and Stygia in the correct order now.

Minor Bugs:
* Lockpicking now shows the correct XP gain.
* Incorporated Spiritual Guide Sprite logic in some places it wasn't applying correctly.
* Blessing of Inspiration no longer displays a (useless) button for its Breath 4 version.
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