Patch Notes 2021-12-26

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Patch Notes 2021-12-26

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Game Mechanics:
* The aligned planes (Elysium, Stygia, and Purgatorio) have now opened!

* Sulphurous Cloak now grants 4 Unholy Supplemental Damage on any close-ranged attack (hand-to-hand, melee, swords, touch spells) as its previous role was deemed too narrow for a common Desecration result.
* EXCEPTION TO THE ABOVE: Using "Taint Spell" in conjunction with a touch spell causes Sulphurous Cloak to instead grant the spell a +6 bonus to base damage (and no Supplemental damage).
* Desecration's basic MP generation result now allows for MP gain over a character's maximum.
* Aura spells have higher durations.
* Soul Vampire is now a 20 CP child skill of Life Vampire.
* Shepherds' initial conversion item for Alchemy has been changed from Vial of Angels Tears to Spellgems.
* Lockpicking XP grant reduced from 8 XP to 5 XP per successful picked lock.
* The XP requirements for levelling have been reduced. If your current XP total is above the new threshold needed to level up, you will level up once when you take an action that gains XP. This process will repeat each time until your level matches the appropriate level for your XP total.

Major Bugs: - It's worth mentioning that the definition of "Major Bugs" vs "Minor Bugs" in changelogs is whether or not the bug impacts build choices
* Close-quarters-only offensive Prayer results (Holy Brawn, Might of Heroes, Strength of the Dragon) now correctly check whether you have the relevant skills.
* Corrected an issue where Holy Brawn granted only +1 damage, it should have granted +2
* Infusions that failed for alt-related reasons no longer take AP/MP as if your infusion had succeeded, and more clearly tell you why your action failed.
* Fixed an issue where Infuse still didn't tell you the infusion of the tile you're on.
* Addressed an issue where Unbroken Bond could trigger in situations where the Shepherd doesn't have breakable weapons.
* Resolved some issues when Hiding and Invisibility were in play at the same time.

Minor Bugs:
* Barricade-attacking XP gain has been explained better in game.
* Hiding no longer displays a nonexistent bonus to spell damage in character pages.
* Non-Superheavy items can now be picked up at zero or negative AP.
* Fixed an issue where some Cordillera tiles with special traits (like interiors on normally exterior-only tiles) had those traits wiped accidentally by devtools. Daily tick will now set these traits right if they are broken again.
* The game no longer tells people they are the founder of the Heavenly Host and Legions of the Abyss when not logged into a character.
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