Winter Event is Live!

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Winter Event is Live!

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Happy holidays! You may have noticed the portals are acting funny again. This time, they lead to the cozy village of Wintertide. What’s there to do in Wintertide? Plenty! As always, if you search around the various new tiles you’re bound to find festive clothes, food, and costuming--you can even search the ground for snowballs to pelt your friends. It doesn’t stop there: looming ominously over this quaint village is the Frozen Keep, a castle made entirely out of ice (and Nexus Magic ™ ™ ™)! Who knows what strange gear the previous inhabitants left behind, but it looks like the place is stocked to outfit an army.

What army, you ask? Well, that’s up to you to look around and find out. Snowy soldiers prowl the realm looking to fight a war that never had the chance to start. They carry powerful (but fragile) gear, with a slim chance of finding a rare artifact! If you can’t seem to find any, the soldiers appear to be attracted to offerings of presents left in the castle barracks.

Wait, presents?? That’s right. Though the original denizens of this plane appear to be long gone, they left a village prepared for their annual midwinter festival. The local workshop is filled with toymaking supplies for craftier Nexals and wrapping paper can be found in all of the cottages. There are three different toys to make, and you'll need a Portable Toolkit to wrap them. But that’s not all: buried beneath the unassuming village is a warren of icy tunnels with a terrible secret. Can you find the key to solve this winter mystery?
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