Patch Notes - 2022 July 20th

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Patch Notes - 2022 July 20th

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  • The Search skill has been removed from the game and everyone who had it (which is pretty much everyone) has had it refunded. All indoor and outdoor locations that were searchable have had their search odds increased by 10% accordingly. Search is no longer available as a starting skill.
  • Addition of a new 90 CP Infernal Behemoth skill, Stygian Brutality - a child skill of Fiendish Bulk. Behemoths with this skill gain a Throw skill that allows them to throw one character against another for 2 AP. This deals between 14 and 20 damage, depending on how heavy the character thrown is, to the target, as well as half as much to the thrown character. The thrown character is always guaranteed to have their face smashed against something, be it a target, the floor or a wall.
Game Mechanics
  • Way of Earth has been returned to its Breath 4 stats - 5 soak vs Slashing, Piercing and Impact, 4 soak vs Fire, Cold, Holy, Unholy and Arcane, and 3 soak vs Electric, Acid and Death.
  • Advocates with Relics may now fill those Relics at any time, even if the Advocate's own personal blessing pool is not yet full.
  • Foo Lions that repair doors and Imps that destroy doors will alter their summoner's morality as if the summoner had performed the repair or destruction directly.
  • Characters with Alchemy may transmute crafting components (iron, steel, brass, plastic, leather, wood, gunpowder) into other crafting components at alchemy-capable locations for 3 AP and 5 MP.
  • Characters with levels below 10 deal double damage vs barricades and characters below level 20 deal damage and a half vs barricades - the same as wards and fortifications.
  • Consuming Gold Ingots with Avaricious Oblation is now worth 20 points of Invigorated instead of 10 due to their higher rarity and weight. Twitchy duration has not been increased accordingly.
  • Eye of Clockwork Precision's +5% accuracy bonus now applies to firearms.
  • Bullhorn Blast: For 1 AP and 10 Bullhorn charges, you may bullhorn a 5x5 area in one go.
  • Whenever a Wormhole or Cloven Portal is used by a character besides the Conduit who created it, the Conduit will receive 5 XP and be notified of who has used their portal.
  • Killing pets defensively with an aura nets a flat 5 XP per pet killed this way.
Quality of Life and Interface
  • Adds factional permissions by rank. Allows leaders to designate different ranks as being able to do things that used to be leader only. Leaders see the 'Open Edit Permissions' button on the edit faction page, checking the box indicates that rank is allowed to make the action. - note - the interface for it is not mobile friendly yet, but it is still new and still being worked on
  • You can now view the name of characters in your location regardless of your level. The game will no longer default to showing you their class only at low levels.
  • Characters who are affected by Barricades (above Level 10) can now view the exact strength of those barricades without the Structural Engineering skill.
  • Shepherds cannot use Sanctify Spell to spend morality out of angelhood. It will only appear as an option at 22 Morality or more. It is of course still possible to lose angelhood with Sanctify Spell if you use it to attack an enemy who will cost you morality.
  • Tier 2 Turncoat classes have been renamed.
    • Ex-Paladin -> Oathbreaker
    • Ex-Shepherd -> Heretic
    • Ex-Pariah -> Penitent
    • Ex-Defiler -> Pilgrim
  • Adds a character API. It is accessible at:

    CODE: Select all{int character_id}{string character_name}
  • Adds a skills API, it can be accessed:

    CODE: Select all{string class}
Major Bugs
  • Prayer and Blessing bonuses granted by a Shepherd or Advocate now tick down in duration for attacking a ward - just as they do for attacking barricades, doors and fortifications.
  • Fixed an issue that had likely stopped Hunter of Iniquity from working at all most or all of the time.
  • Fire Breathing should now properly apply its costs when attacking wards, barricades and other structures.
Minor Bugs
  • Fixed an issue where Tower Transformation only appeared if you bought Planar Screen.
  • Unbroken Bond wasn't working when attacking wards, barricades and other structures.
  • Desecration results that heal damage will now only apply if you're alive, so Wyrm Masters with tentacles won't get granted health in the void. There's an exception if you're poisoned - HP results will still happen then to clear off the poison.
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