Patch Notes - 6th December

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Patch Notes - 6th December

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The Nexus has been updated!

Quality of Life and Interface
* The Search button now tells you your chance of finding something while searching
* The Hide button now tells you your chance of successfully hiding
* Added a Character Settings value to disable hurling of Light Weapons
* The Open Door access key has been disabled when trying to leave a building. It remains when trying to enter
* More personal icons have been added
* Advocates with Psychometry may view the current Infusion of their Relic site from the Unbind Relic and Fill Relic dropdowns
* The publicly-accessible character page displays a character's current aspect as the physical description even if that character is currently deceased
* Full unicode support - please make a forums bug report if incorrect characters are spotted so we can get in there and fix them up!

* Holy Champion base cloaks (Cloak of Steadfastness, Cloak of Ineffable Mystery, Cloak of Immanence, Cloak of Vengeance) now apply their base benefits to child-skill cloak variants when the latter are active
* Cordillera now has active weather in the form of Fog and Rain
* The Dark Oppressor's Lord over Domain bonuses apply not just in Stygia but in places deeply (300+) infused to Evil. The ability to use Superheavy Items as a Dark Oppressor remains a Stygia-only ability
* Drop All no longer includes equipped items of that type
* Dividend of Indolence does not work on factionmates
* Characters with Fire Adept, Fiery Touch, Burning Aura, any Fire spell, or active Cloak of Fiery Vengeance no longer need matches to light incense
* Advocates with Blessings stored may discard a Blessing of their choice from their personal Blessing pool at no cost. This does not work on Blessings that have been stored in a Standard Relic or Corpse Relic

Major Bugs
* Corrected a bug that kept Gunsmith from allowing ammunition conversion
* Resolved an issue that rendered Exploration Badges unusable
* Resolved an issue where thrown weapons sometimes disappeared
* Search now shows the correct amount of books when importing a character
* Boxing now correctly buffs fist damage
* Potions are now found correctly
* Resolved some database issues that were slowing down the AP tick
* Fixed a bug where crafting ammo provided XP
* Items that start with you at character creation are Pristine
* Fixes bug preventing creation of new factions
* Picking stuff up no longer runs a status tick
* Resolved an issue where barricade construction caused a global server slowdown

Minor Bugs
* Hostility should now display correctly on characters
* Faction invites now display names instead of IDs
* Event clothing items from B4 now have correct weights of zero
* Faction chatboxes have been corrected
* Removed lingering enchantment tags on old items
* Addressed an issue that kept avatars from being unlocked
* Healing dropdowns once again work correctly
* Power now correctly shows an icon when it is turned off
* Faction leader notifications for promotions and demotions should now work correctly
* Fixed an issue where nonmortal skills could appear in the Mortal skill list
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