Returning Players start here!

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Returning Players start here!

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Because the Nexus underwent a fundamental restructuring, we wanted to give you a quick run-down on what we will need you to do to get your characters back into the action!

1. If you have not done so, create a user account on these forums. This is an opportunity to change your username if you would like to take advantage of that opportunity; however, do not knowingly take someone else's old user name. If someone else had the username on the old forum, they can lodge a complaint with the admin team and
provided they can prove they have the old account name, we will work with them to change their name - and your name will be changed as well. We strongly encourage you to select a different password than you used before, even if you keep the same username, as PHPNuke is notoriously insecure and the password hash algorithm is reversible; since the old PHPNuke-based site was online for over a decade, we suggest you work under the assumption that at some point it was probably compromised (and besides, good password security is to use different passwords for everything, better password security is rotating your passwords so if you haven't rotated your NexusClash password, this is the time to do it).

2. Once you have signed up for the forum, click the "Game" button. On the opening "Character Select" screen, there will either be an "Account Import Form" or a button to "Show Account Import Form." Enter the username and password from your old Nexus account. This will convert any excess character slots you may have purchased on the old site back to credits, and will import your (new) credit balance and characters (though all will start as "released" and you will be able to activate them into your character slots and/or use credits to open additional slots). Once this is complete click on the button that says "Click here to Reload and check import status" and you should have a message listing how many credits you received and which characters were imported to allow you to confirm everything is right (you can delete this if you wish once you're satisfied).

3. Play as usual!

Note: At launch, we have not yet fully imported all renamed items as "memories of a past life" - we will be working to do this as soon as possible but we didn't want this to delay the breath launch. If you need something urgently, contact an administrator

Thanks for your patience as we march on into B5. There will be many opportunities to provide feedback and suggestions, this is new for all of us and we can’t make it the best it can be without your input! Cheers!

The Dev Team