Welcome to the new Nexus world!

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Welcome to the new Nexus world!

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Welcome to the world of Nexus Clash! A new Breath has dawned and a new universe has been inhaled and exhaled into being. It is time for the battle for the shaping of the next world.

The universe shaped by the will of Marquai, the Power of Time and Ingenuity, lived a long and storied life filled with exploration, technology and human striving. Now the great city of Cordillera - a space colony of life and civilization planted upon a hostile alien world - has been pulled from existence to act as Valhalla, the cosmic battlefield upon which the eternal struggle will be fought.

Whether your characters have just begun their journey in the Nexus or have fought in the battles of previous Breaths, the new world means a new beginning. All characters begin the Breath as a Mortal, with choices to make and a quest for achievement ahead of them. Players who are returning from a previous iteration of the Nexus (whether your time away was measured in hours or years) will find that significant changes have been made to improve nearly every aspect of the game. The Wiki and the Changelog are helpful resources for familiarizing yourself with the new world. Nexus Clash has an active player community and an active development team, and so the official Nexus Clash Discord is an excellent place to discuss the game and any questions you may have.

Thanks for participating in the world of the Nexus, and good luck in all your battles and explorations!

- The Nexus Clash Development Team