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NexusClash is an environment created, maintained, and hosted by the development team free of charge for those who wish to use it for fun, storytelling, and/or entertainment... provided they are willing to follow the conditions and rules set forth for use. The freedom of players to use this system is not unlimited; those that elect to use the environment in a manner contrary to the rules and expectations set up by the team may be subject to temporary or permanent bans.
Discipline in the Nexus

1. An isolated, minor alt abuse infraction that in the judgment of the administrators is most likely an ignorant mistake (an example might include, but is not limited to, a relatively new player attacking the same faction with two alts within 24 hours of each other) will result in a warning and a reduction of any involved character's AP total to -288 (3 days' worth of AP). A warning will be issued, as well as an explanation of what the player did wrong.

2. Other infractions (e.g., minor bug exploitation, alt abuse by experienced characters that should know better - including alt abuse after receiving a warning as per #1 above, ignoring direct instructions from an admin) usually results in the AP being lowered to -672 across all characters and a severe warning.

3. Severe infractions (e.g., severe and repeated bug exploitation before being discovered, an infraction as in #2 above after receiving the one-week ban and warning) generally come with a permanent ban (may be reduced to a month at the discretion of the admin team, but the default is permanent ban absent extenuating circumstances). A permanent ban involves your forum account being disabled and a Discord ban. All permanent bans are accompanied by an email to the email address on file for your forum account and may be appealed via sending an email to that address.
In the past, the policy was not to discuss punishments at all unless the punished party brought it up; however, in reviewing that policy we recognize that by never disclosing punishments at all, the perception could be (and was) that punishments never got handed out. In order for the Nexus at large to feel confident in the decisions of the administrators, we feel transparency is important. However, we also feel the need for balancing out the need for transparency with the need to allow people to make mistakes without them being judged endlessly for little things, especially if they've changed. So our new descretion/disclosure policy works as follows:
Discretion/Disclosure Policy

Admins may, at their discretion, discuss discipline actions publicly. While admins generally do not wish to "Name and Shame" in every instance, they are not bound to secrecy with regard to discussing punishments.

If someone who has been disciplined publicly speaks about the disciplinary action, admins may weigh in on it from their perspective.

If someone brings a minor transgression to the attention of the admin team, the team will deal with the transgression quietly where possible. The person who reported the incident is likely to be told privately that the incident was looked into and whether or not action was taken so that you can have confidence the admin team takes reports seriously.

When a player has committed a serious enough infraction as to be banned, this will be announced publicly, along with the general nature of the infraction(s) leading to the ban.

Depending on the nature of the offense, anything between these two poles may or may not be made public at the discretion of the admin team when discipline is levied; however, when an issue has been widespread enough to be public knowledge or semi-public knowledge, it is usually needful for the punishment imposed to be public as well.

If anything has been made public and a decision is reversed on appeal, the results of the appeal will also be publicized.
For any level of punishment, an appeal explaining any extenuating circumstances and requesting leniency may be made to the admin team; this appeal may be made by contacting multiple admins by emailing admin - at - or via Private Message on the Forums or Discord. This should be a good-faith appeal and penitence on the part of the violator is expected; attempts to rules-lawyer will be considered appeals made in bad faith.

The above are guidelines and examples given are not intended to be comprehensive; there are far more ways to attempt to break, subvert, or weaponize the game and its rules than could be exhaustively listed. These policies are in place to prevent people who are unwilling to follow the rules laid out - including things that go against the spirit of the laws - from polluting the environment by making it less enjoyable for those who are willing to follow the rules.

If you find yourself getting upset at these policies, and/or feeling that they seem unreasonable, please understand that you are here as a guest... and also understand that you are not the only guest here. If you can't play nicely with others, within the rules that have been laid out, you will be escorted out of the environment. This is not "censorship" or "abridgment of free speech" (which we might note is not guaranteed anywhere in a private setting such as a website) but rather based on the most basic human societal expectation - that when you want to be a member of a community and to enjoy the benefit of accessing the resources available to its members, you should be able to behave yourself and obey the community's rules - and if you can't comport to that standard, you will no longer be welcome in that community and your access to its resources will be revoked.