Patch Notes - 2022 January 13

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Patch Notes - 2022 January 13

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Quality of Life and Interface:
* Spellgems show both their colour and contained spell when searched/dropped/picked up/given with Spellcraft/Sorcery.
* Personal descriptions now support linebreaks! if it gets abused i'll get a better coder than me to clamp it + punt you <3
* Last Rites now is a bit more clear to the recipient as to what the skill does to you.

Major Bugs:
* Fixed an issue that was keeping badges for Ranks from awarding properly.
* Fixed an issue where XP exploit bounds were incorrectly firing in petmaster vs petmaster battles.
* Skeletons summoned via Bonesword kills can now be rejuvenated.
* Fixed Empyreal Bond cost when used to respawn with MP via Fractured Vessel.
* Fixed Razorwind/Claw of the Lion not having a +6 damage fusion interaction.
* Swarm of Locusts now retains angel behavior when split into multiple swarms.
* Plague of Locusts now retains aura immunity when split into multiple swarms.
* Fallen and Redeemed no longer need to spend 100 CP on T2 skills before selecting a T3 class (this was a holdover from previous design where T2 skills were lost that was not removed when Ex- classes were introduced).

Minor Bugs:
* Fixed Dark Pacts not showing what the pact is for in your inventory. Aside from damnation! + made it a pretty vivid red!
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