Patch Notes - 2022 January 6

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Patch Notes - 2022 January 6

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Game Mechanics:
* Sublime Sacrifice applies whenever the Advocate is killed by any means that involves taking damage, in addition to voluntary sacrifice. Since the Advocate is by definition out of HP when killed, involuntary Sublime Sacrifice heals for 20 HP.
* Like Dark Priesthood, Command Thrall now also grants +2 to the number of Pacts that can be kept active by one Dark Oppressor.
* When Strongholds are eventually active, the presence of a Portal entrance will prevent the creation of a Stronghold.
* As long as Strongholds remain disabled, Stygian wandering pets will not target Evil Demons and Evil Vassals. When Strongholds are activated they will defer to their old behavior and only favor members of Stygia-based factions.
* Vengeance of the Dust has been disabled as a Revenant skill. No one had it, so no one needs to be refunded.
* Stygian Murder Wasps and Poltergeists (DO Superheavy pet) summon in on Non-Allied (was Non-Faction).
* Crafting Potion batches is now worth 40 XP (raised from 20).
* Healing Aura healing 1 HP grants 1 XP if the healed character is Tier 3, i.e. if a direct heal for 1 HP would have netted 1 XP. Any healing with Healing Aura increases the HP Healed stat.
* Healing via Aethersprite now grants XP as if the Lightspeaker had healed directly, accounting for level differences and all.
* Secret Ingredient now grants 6 XP per item created.
* Full spell affinity (capstone) effects are now possible on Tier 3 autohit spells.
* Searching for hidden people now has a 30% floor to the chance of finding someone. Sparse places have few places to hide and thus few places to search.
* Significant tweaks to Desecration results. In general, these have the purpose of making it more likely that your Desecration result will match something that is actually useful to you:
** Boon of Tholaghru is now an item with the same effect.
** Hellspawn now picks a random Desecration reward level between levels 1 and 3.
** Item-granting rewards now have a chance of meat, fermented blood or leeches instead of just meat.
** Results that heal you now check if you're at full HP and unpoisoned. If so, these results defer to MP-granting results.
** Results that grant MP now check if you're at full MP. If so, these results defer to HP-granting results.
** When both your HP and MP are full, results that grant HP or MP defer to other results from the same reward level, taking some of your character traits into consideration. These may be items or AP.
** Blood Magic only triggers at high HP, less than high MP, and less than critically low AP. If one or more of these conditions is not met, a situational result is rolled instead depending on what resource was missing or abundant.

* Enchanting clothing is possible again, and clothing/armor no longer need to be powered to gain their effects.
* ^ uh you still have the buttons for the time being but they may be.... repurposed.. for later occurrences
* but also - uh - All item enchanting can now be done at (and requires) a font - font aspect requirements are unchanged.

Quality of Life and Interface:
* Cleaned up some artifacts in character icons.
* The chance of pet emotes has been significantly reduced.
* The Credit Store now clarifies the upper and lower length bounds of item renames.
* Gunsmith ammo conversion defaults to None to avoid taking AP for potentially no action.
* Stygian Presence is disabled within Stygia, to keep AP and DP from being wasted on misclicks.

Major Bugs:
* Damage and weight toggling on the Void Walker's Bow of Frostbite works correctly now.
* Fallen with Empyreal Bond can actually use it now.
* Zombies and Ghouls summoned by another Zombie or Ghoul scoring a kill can be rejuvenated now.
* Fixed an issue where powering Enchanted items was taking the wrong AP cost.
* Fixed an issue where Stygian Presence couldn't be used at less than 50 Dark Power.
* Allowed exploration badges to be found in locations with zero search chance
* Fixed an amazing bug where Incense of Malice didn't work at all and instead Ex-Paladins with Unabated Malice got poisoned as if they were in the presence of a personal cloud of Incense of Malice at all times.
* Fixed the issue where Gunsmith wouldn't allow conversion of ammunition. It turned out the skill had overly narrow requirements and was looking for a faction gunbench instead of a resource-point gunbench.
* Bone Guardians are properly immobile now.
* Fixed a bug where Terrifying Aspect only worked outdoors.
* Holy and Unholy capstone effects work correctly now.
* Removed a bug that sometimes broke casting for Secret Ingredient.
* Fixed (hopefully) font bars/traps triggering off of fonts they were not created in.
* Fixed Horrid Tentacles losing 1 AP per pet tick as if they were Tenacious Elementalist pets.

Minor Bugs:
* Fixed an issue where the interface was telling Dark Oppressors with Dark Priesthood or Command Thrall that these skills hadn't raised their Vassal cap when in reality the skills had raised their cap.
* Boon of Tholaghru extra HP is now correctly removed when the status ended due to the AP tick. Clarified the flavor text a bit to make it clear that only excess (greater than maximum) HP is lost; any healing of sub-maximum HP is yours to keep.
* Fixed an issue where Alchemy research would drain excess HP when rolling the healing result.
* Absolve blessings with Hands of the Healer no longer erroneously require the MP threshold to use Absolve Suffering to function.
* Fixed an issue where Holy Brawn was still on ticks instead of being timed.
* Font traps that fail because their target is immune to the damage type are now consumed when triggered.
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