Patch Notes - 2022 January 20

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Patch Notes - 2022 January 20

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Game Mechanics:
* Angelic pets will consider characters a valid combat target who have attacked the petmaster or a pet of the same petmaster in the last 24 hours. This is true regardless of the character's Morality and regardless of whether or not the petmaster has Hand of Zealotry. Lightspeaker pets in particular will also consider you a valid target if they witness you killing an Angel. Neither of these targeting changes will occur if your actions were done in defense of your downed Stronghold.
* Kills no longer grant a large amount of passive infusion as this was making passive infusion far more powerful than intended relative to active infusion.
* Blessed Disciple is more of a 30 CP-valued skill than a 60 CP-valued skill, so it now costs 30 CP. No one bought it, probably because it wasn't worth 60 CP, so no refunds should be necessary.
* Transcension can no longer give you Potion of Water Breathing or Golem Form as respawn effects.
* Mystic Mail now soaks 6 against arcane in addition to impact/piercing/slashing and lasts 4 hours. if this isn't enough..
* Last Rites grants 5 XP per use, the same as if the Advocate had Blessed the recipient.
* One with the Void and Chaos Cloak desecrate results now stack durations rather than overlap it.
* Aethersprites now retaliatively heal 100% of the time instead of 20% of the time.

Major Bugs:
* The AP tick sometimes not granting MP should be fixed.
* Faunabond should no longer sometimes apply to the wrong pet.
* Fixed Explosive Murder skill having the wrong per target damage and never affecting anyone if triggered automatically.
* Fixed a thing where Boon of Tholaghru didn't have an interface button to actually use it.
* Fixed every conceivable issue in regards to Divine Armor/Divine Investiture/Spring of the Enhanced Capacitor. kill me
* Might of Heroes and Strength of the Dragon, which are close-quarters specific, no longer erroneously grant their benefits across the board to all combat styles.
* Child of the Elements properly prevents pets from losing 2 AP traversing difficult terrain.
* Fixed archery attacks unhiding you with Sniper of the Creeping Chill on player/pet attacks and target shooting.
* Fixed Spike Ring and Razorwind durations scaling off impact spells and not the fancier, newer physical spells.
* Fixed Ferocious mutation applying +1 instead of +2 damage to a pet's attacks.
* Elementalist pets with Enhanced Summoning now properly scale off of spell affinity.
* Fixed being unable to untap from a font below 1 AP.
* Fixed spellfood not triggering a spell you didn't have the MP to cast.
* Fixed issue where Pet Summon buttons were not recognizing MP available from tapped Fonts/Ley Lines.
* Fixed issue whereby Redeemed using Hellspawn were respawning in Elysium instead of Stygia and Fallen using Empyreal Bond were respawning in Stygia instead of Elysium.

Minor Bugs:
* Found spellgems now show you the spell you found, not the spell your quantum alternate self found. honestly the hell
* The login screen no longer tells Level 30 characters with no Ranks yet that they have one Rank.
* Way of the Fast Hands is no longer capable of massively overloading Shotguns.
* Blessings now tell the Advocate about their XP gain.
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