Weapons break too often

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Weapons break too often

Post by Masumi »

Do you know, this is my first ever suggestion? Be kind.

Does anyone use non-innate weapons past T2? (I count fists as an innate weapon). I get the impression that it's pretty uncommon, and from my own perspective I think it's because they are amazingly unreliable in combat and a pain to maintain. Going from pristine to worn in a single combat of maybe 20-30 blows is common - that's a 15% penalty which costs 18 AP to remedy even if you have the full repair tree, an investment of 60 CP. Yes, you can enchant them, but the damage doesn't stack, so that's often temporary +1 damage for an investment of 30 AP, 60 MP plus the potions to create it, and the 3 AP and 9 MP to activate it, and the enchantments also decay unless you're the enchanter. And if you want a durability enchant to stop weapon breakage, it precludes any other enchantment and only affects that one weapon. Innate weapons do more damage, don't decay and often have other goodies attached to them as well, and often cost less CP than the repair tree.

I realise it keeps repair grinders in business (and gives some XP at lower levels), but is this intended - that after T3 you put away childish things, sell back the repair trees and just use innates? If not, I suggest a downward nudge to how often weapons degrade in combat.
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Re: Weapons break too often

Post by SkullFace »

I'd echo the problem of outrageous decay in one combat session. I've experienced this a number of times with Firearms and Melee: whilst I recognise we are playing a game with angels and demons, it's just not at all realistic. I frequently moan about weapons made of toffee.

I'd like to see innates vs non-innates being balanced out of the gate in B6. Probably this should go together with ES revamp to make it a viable all-weapons combat class.

We miss so much flavour if everyone skews to innates. I get the why for some of my characters (fangs Revenant, whiplash Behemoth). Otherwise though, I enjoy weapons variety (Soul Cannon Fallen, rifle Wizard). Kudos to Lychwood(?) for the variety of special events weapons in B5 - more please.
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Re: Weapons break too often

Post by Kandarin »

There's a change for next patch to make this a value easily toggled with dev tools. We can try out various configurations.
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