WM: Tentacles tweak

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WM: Tentacles tweak

Post by SkullFace »


This tweak comes onstream somewhere in the upgraded tentacles path (TBC). The more tentacles on a single tile, the more accurate they become. For every tentacles after the first, all tentacles in the tile gain +1% accuracy. So for example 3 tentacles = +2% accuracy whilst 10 tentacles = +9% accuracy.
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Re: WM: Tentacles tweak

Post by Stretch »

Yes please. Even with this upgrade, tentacles will barely kill a single T3.

Alternately, if goal is to not have T1/T2 suffering from barricade-like walls of tentacles, recommend that tentacles take half damage to auras. Classes with innate auras mostly shrug off tentacle attacks already.
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Re: WM: Tentacles tweak

Post by squib »

+1 yes more tentacle love
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Re: WM: Tentacles tweak

Post by Freech »

This would be pretty sick
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Re: WM: Tentacles tweak

Post by Goliath »

Counter proposition:

Tentacles from the same master on the same tile act as if they were a single pet.
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