aligned armour enchants

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aligned armour enchants

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- Angels should want to wear holy armour
- It's dumb that you need to go cross alignment to get the strongest armour
- Aligned armour is the most expensive to make cp wise, by a large margin, so it should be good


Just disallow wearing armour from opposing alignments/make it decay when used.

Holy armour gives bonus soak to other alignments:
- Level/3 base unholy and arcane (doesn't stack or include quality) I e.up to 2 for clothing, 3 for normal armour, 4 for massive
- Level/6 additional mundane (so it stacks with other soak sources but only one source of this increase per character), I e. +1 when over 4 layers, or +2 for fully enchanted massive. Doesn't factor in quality.

V.v. for the other alignments.

This addresses all the points above by making aligned armour desirable for the alignments who produce it, and giving it some nice features compared to other elements.
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