Skill: Elemental Phasing

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Skill: Elemental Phasing

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Scale phasing against attacks made with a certain type with spells known of that type.

5% per spell or 10% per spell starting with the 4th spell (similar to elemental protection)

So knowing 6 cold spells grants 30% phasing against sources of cold damage.

Options for who gets it:
- Bonus to enduring form (instead of the soak bonus that doesn’t work anyways)
- It’s a skill for wizard or sorc
- Everyone, it’s a spells known buff (may want to halve the numbers in this case)
- Everyone, this replaces elemental protection

Other alternates:
- Elemental deflection - instead of same type they guard against each other - e.g. earth provides phasing vs. electric, fire vs. cold. Kinda like the elementalist thing.
- Defense instead of phasing
- Ways to get bonus for holy/unholy/arcane (deep/taint/sanctify grant % = highest spell type %?)
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