Skill: Mantle of Vrykolakas, expansion

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Skill: Mantle of Vrykolakas, expansion

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Prefacing this as a draft for now.

On reading Mantle of Vrykolakas on the wiki I noted the addition of damage typing. It occurs that this type change might be expanded upon (with or without the damage adds) to attacks other than Feeding Fangs.

There is some precedence for this in that Angelic classes have access to (in some case an abundance) of type-changed attacks, including Death and Arcane which are in theory Transcended-centric. The in-character justification would be that whilst spiritually cloaked all attacks carry that spiritual charge to some degree. Based on wiki notes I'd summarize like this:

Feeding Fangs - type option, +1 damage to Feeding Fangs, +10 MP on kill
HTH - type option, +0 damage, +5 MP on kill
Melee - type option, +0 damage, +2 MP on kill
Ranged - type option, +0 damage, +1 MP on kill

Why? Upside would be to enable more build and play variety for Revenants. A varied diet is good.

I'd acknowledge that there is some danger of treading on the toes of other classes such as the aforementioned Angels and perhaps the Doom Howler and Lich. There's likely a whole other discussion on some of the balance elements there, especially the Demon classes.

(Disclosure of interest. My main character is usually a Myrmidon exit so this sort of change has potential to affect me in game.)


EDIT: Removing DRAFT status.
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