Class: T3 Transcended Turncoat

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Class: T3 Transcended Turncoat

Post by Tadpole »

There were some discussions on the discord about a new class based around the turncoat concept, but being Transcended!
How would this work? Like, subscribe, and let us know your thoughts below...

I think a T3 transcended turncoat would come from T2 demons and angels. Just think, a demon or angel walking away from the ancestral fight and embracing humanity or just giving up angelic and demonic powers.

I think having an additional Transcended T3 that had some abilities that only helped other transcended classes would also help increase the appeal and effectiveness of unaligned factions.

Some skill ideas could be:
Having skills that give extra damage and soak against demons and angels.
Bashing skill that works best for unaligned raids against angels and demons.
Leadership/ generalship skills that increase the abilities of all transcended characters around the caster.

I think there are also some slightly weirder/ less likely ideas that could be incorporated into the Transcended turncoat. Over the years ideas have popped up for a pacifist character; is there any character more likely to be a pacifist than an angel or demon who has discovered the pointlessness of the struggle between angels and demons? With buy backs this concept can be easily included into a skill tree, but what could be a bonus of becoming a pacifist? Maybe the ability domesticate/ spread the word of transcendence to an angelic or demonic pet? and have it follow you around (just 1).

Someone else on the discord also mentioned a class that alchemises themselves... which i guess could be the Turncoat T3 from Shepherds and Defilers! Which for anyone keeping count, actually means we could get 2 NEW CLASSES!

But names? What could these beings be called? Arcane warriors? Nexal Wanderers? I'm sure there is something suitably neutral that could be utilised.
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Re: Class: T3 Transcended Turncoat

Post by Frosty »

Honestly, I think the NC should be this class. It would explain why there's such an emphasis on neutrality for the NC that isn't shown in other characters, and as a spellcaster/warrior, it could easily absorb T2s from both lines with some slight modifications. Just my 2 cents though.
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Re: Class: T3 Transcended Turncoat

Post by Alkasyn »

Both ideas are interesting. I mean the Nexus Champion being possible to build from Demon/Angel exits would be fun.

And a dedicated turncoat could also maybe be interesting.
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