Item (Short Bow) Disappeared Without Log Message

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Item (Short Bow) Disappeared Without Log Message

Post by Mochnant »

Affected character:

A short bow disappeared from this character's inventory without a log message of any sort.

It was last used as reported:

- You take aim at the target with your Short Bow and miss. (2022-09-14 03:46:16).

At some point I noticed the short bow was missing, and then coincidentally found another outside. There is no message indicating the original item was dropped or broken.

- You pick up the Short Bow. (2022-09-14 17:07:57).
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Re: Item (Short Bow) Disappeared Without Log Message

Post by Kandarin »

Not a bug, a Short Bow is a Light Weapon and will default to being Hurled when out of ammo. To prevent this, select "Disable throwing of Light Weapons" in Character Settings.
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