Lich (or petmaster): missing zombies.

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Lich (or petmaster): missing zombies.

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The essence of the bug.
When a zombie is summoned, for some reason it is not always possible to find it in the list of pets. The number of pets in the location is not always added. But the waste of MP and the corpse occur.

At first I thought it was because I was sending summon commands too fast. But then I ran into this with a single call. The magic is gone. The corpse has disappeared. But the zombie didn't show up.

P.S. There is also a second "bug" (But this is not quite a bug). A non-faction lich whose zombie kills another character spawns zombies in the passive stance, not in the hostile stance.
This is because he is supposed to be hostile to the enemies of the faction. But the wild lich does not have such a function. Therefore, it considers the "passive" rack to be "default".
When trying to give any other stance for pets that is not characteristic of wild ones, the pets become passive.

(I acted through a translator. So the concepts could be replaced)
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