Drunk status adds +1 to Ball of Lightning damage

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Drunk status adds +1 to Ball of Lightning damage

Post by SkullFace »

Tried this twice on my HC just to be sure. Necking a Bottle of Fermented Blood whilst Cloak of Thundering Vengeance is active will cause the damage dropdown to rise from 11 Electric to 12 Electric for Ball of Lightning for the duration of the Drunk status.

Whilst this could be deemed useful for Drunken Master Raiden crossover cosplay it's probably not intended?
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Re: Drunk status adds +1 to Ball of Lightning damage

Post by Kandarin »

Looks like the reason is that Drunk is functionally a +1 to all damage and -5% to all accuracy, instead of focused on close quarters. You're more reckless, for better or worse.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not. Thematically I can see how it comes off pretty weird.
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