Can't activate enchantment on a named weapon

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Can't activate enchantment on a named weapon

Post by Leila »

Seen on Abby Honeycutt. I have a named rifle enchanted with arcane. Except I can't activate it. At the time of the attacking I had around 10 AP and 15 MP, fwiw. I have no Enchanting Actions tab on my character's menus, also. Obviously, I have Sense Magic.
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- (2 times) You attack [the same redacted would-be victim] with your Faded M1 Garand, a Rifle and hit for 5 points of piercing damage. Her armor soaked 6 points of damage. You gain 2 XP. (2022-06-22 23:05:49).
[At this point, I remembered that I am not playing in previous breaths and must activate the enchantment, and spent the following minutes fiddling with menus, turning off NT, consulting Discord, inhaling mystical dust, and consulting Discord again.]
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- You emote, " stops and inspects her rifle. It should be doing more than this. She hmms to herself." (2022-06-22 23:09:04).
- You focus your thoughts, transforming flesh and blood into raw magical power. (2022-06-22 23:10:58).
- You feel the effects of Twitchy fade. (2022-06-22 23:11:01).
- You say, "Well, stranger, my gun's broken, I reckon. I'll give you some of my family's hot sauce before I go." (2022-06-22 23:14:33)
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Re: Can't activate enchantment on a named weapon

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This has been fixed in dev server and is pending deploy.
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