Feats Breath Total
Kills / Deaths
Kills 657 835
Angels Killed 60 86
Transcended Killed3434
Demons Killed 185 246
Minibosses Killed 00
Pets Killed 703 1000
Deaths 254 373
Damage / Healing
Damage Dealt 81984 113064
Damage Taken 27982 37930
HP Healed 1205 1205
Items Crafted 1 272
Items Repaired 0 0
Infusion 3438 3438
Spells Cast 2411 2411
Buffs Granted 117 117
Debuffs Inflicted 850 850
Search & Consume
Alcohol Drunk 32 1041
Food Eaten 24 1030
Books Read 192 810
Pills Taken 27 63
Targets Shot 65 375
Items Found 256 256
Magical Items Consumed 0 0
Engineering & Lockpicking
Doors Destroyed 36
Doors Repaired 1 1
Power Removed 6 328
Power Restored 19 21
Locks Picked 0 0
Lore Found 33
Total Achievements 13


Level: 30 (G Circle)
Classes: Doom Howler Pariah Mortal
Physical Description:
This portly, middle-aged woman is unremarkable except for her lack of a head. A high-pitched whine and gurgling intermittently emanate from the open wound at her neck as fluids stain her front. She is wearing a Hard Hat, a Pair of Black Leather Pumps, a Hazmat Suit, a Towel, a Set of Brass Knuckles, and a Monocle.
Personal Description:
My kitties are the most fluffy and lush you'll ever see.
You cannot help yourself and feel a deep desire to pet them.
Character Skills
Dodge (Wiki)
Evasion (Wiki)
Engineering (Wiki)
First Aid (Wiki)
Surgery (Wiki)
Melee Combat (Wiki)
Advanced Melee Combat (Wiki)
Expert Melee Combat (Wiki)
Strength (Wiki)
Stamina (Wiki)
Tap Font (Wiki)
Enervate (Wiki)
Rend Flesh (Wiki)
Feast on Suffering (Wiki)
Strike of Cain (Wiki)
Stygian Fury (Wiki)
Blooded Fury (Wiki)
Doom Howler
Ghost Tendrils (Wiki)
Ghostwalk (Wiki)
Scream of the Banshee (Wiki)
Spectral Armor (Wiki)
Spellcraft (Wiki)
Summon Chain Gremlin (Wiki)
Ancient Trickery (Wiki)
Vengeful Gremlins (Wiki)
Unsettling Aura (Wiki)
Spells Known
IconSpell NameSummaryMP
Arctic BoltAutohit: 13 cold4 MP
Bear MarketBuff Spell10 MP
Conjure SinewsBuff Spell10 MP
Frost ShroudAura: 6 cold12 MP
FrostbiteTouch: 13 cold2 MP
GlacierblastRanged: 18 cold4 MP
Ice DartAutohit: 9 cold3 MP
SnowblindRanged: 14 cold2 MP
Badges Earned:
A New Chapter, Academic Probation, Alcoholic, All In The Family, All Stitched Up, And I Must Scream, Apprentice Electrician, Archmage, Aspect Hunter, Assassin, Augmentor, Barn Assassin, Benefactor, Bibliophile, Birthing Pool, Blighter, Bloodletter, Bonebreaker, Bookworm, Booster, Broken Alliance, Broken Promises, Bruised, Buried, Circuitbreaker, Circumnavigation, Citadel, Cleanser, Clinging to Life, Cloudwatching, Color Guard, Cops and Robbers, Crushed, Crusher, Curse of the Pharaohs, Deadeye, Dedicated Few, Delver, Demonslayer, Director of Animal Testing, Disciple of Death, Doctor, Dogkiller, Enforcer, Enthroned, Explosive Yield, Exterminator, Factory Foreman, Farseer, Food Critic, Four Corners, Fragmented Return, Frat Boy, Friend of Bill, Frost Fighter, Fusebreaker, Gastronomist, Glutton, Gourmand, Great Affliction, Great Devourer, Hammer of Light, Herd Thinner, Homesteader, I Have a Headache, I Stab at Thee, In The Name Of Science, Institute of Arts, Into the Dark, Journeyman Blacksmith, Killer, Last Confession, Librarian, Low Tolerance, Mage, Malaise, Master of Death, Masticator, Medic, Mystic, No Longer Boarding, Oracle, Perverter, Pest Control, Pill-popper, Pink Elephant Rider, Plaguebringer, Pro Claimer, Punching Bag, Reader, Reaper, Reasons to Live, Researcher, Ruiner, Sharpshooter, Sinatra, Smasher, Spellbinder, Stolen Victory, Surgeons Lament, Sweatshop Worker, Tapestry of Time, Taste Tester, Thaumaturgist, The Earth Shudders, The Legend, The Little King, The Voice, Trapped in a Bottle , Trophy Hunter, Under The Boot, Untouched Wilderness, Warrior, What Once Was Lost, Widowmaker, Wiresnipper, Wormfood

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