Feats Breath Total
Kills 291 531
Angels Killed 7 47
Demons Killed 22 82
Pets Killed 70 305
Deaths 131 230
Damage Dealt 22261 59234
Damage Taken 10613 42214
HP Healed 25995 26007
Alcohol Drunk 51 518
Food Eaten 1 1028
Books Read 42 765
Pills Taken 10 20
Targets Shot 6 10
Doors Destroyed 45
Doors Repaired 1 1
Power Removed 74 75
Power Restored 41 42
Items Crafted 94 167
Items Repaired 0 0
Locks Picked 0 0
Lore Found 24
Total Achievements 8


Level: 16
Classes: Sorcerer Mortal
Champion in The Nexal Crusaders
Physical Description:
A tall, slender woman in her early twenties with an athletic physique and strength that is clearly greater than her frame would suggest. Her long black hair is tied into a ponytail. She is wearing a White Tuxedo Jacket, a White Tuxedo Shirt, a Gray Waistcoat, a White Tophat, a Pair of White Tuxedo Pants, a Shamanic Face Mask, a Pair of Bug Stomping Boots, a Bug Hunter Cape, and a Bug Hunter Ring. She is displaying a Golden Bold name badge for a local grocery store made of plastic. You aren't sure it's actually a real store.
Personal Description:
I'm the rusty wire that caused your PSU to short-circuit and explode, causing your PC to burn, losing all your important data.

Absolutely no ragrets.
Character Skills
Engineering (Wiki)
Ranged Combat (Wiki)
Firearms (Wiki)
Advanced Firearms (Wiki)
Alchemy (Wiki)
Deep Alchemy (Wiki)
Cosmic Affinity (Wiki)
Infuse (Wiki)
Sorcerers Might (Wiki)
Spellcraft (Wiki)
Spells Known
IconSpell NameSummaryMP
Death DartAutohit: 6 death3 MP
GravefingersTouch: 10 death2 MP
Necrotic RayRanged: 11 death2 MP
Badges Earned:
A Heaven of Hell, A New Chapter, Academic Probation, Alcoholic, All In The Family, All Stitched Up, And I Must Scream, Apprentice Electrician, Aspect Hunter, Assassin, At All Costs, Baraas Ascends, Barn Assassin, Bibliophile, Birthing Pool, Bloodletter, Bodyweaver, Bookworm, Broken Alliance, Broken Promises, Bruised, Buried, Cabinet of Curiosities, Circumnavigation, Citadel, Cleanser, Clinging to Life, Cloudwatching, Cops and Robbers, Crushed, Crusher, Cut Loose, Dedicated Few, Demonslayer, Disciple of Death, Doctor, Dogkiller, Duty and Honor, Enthroned, Explosive Yield, Exterminator, Factory Foreman, Fall of the Watcher, Fallen Land, Fighting the Last War, Food Critic, Four Corners, Fragmented Return, Frat Boy, Fusebreaker, Gastronomist, Glutton, Gourmand, Great Devourer, Halls of the Scholar, Halls of Wrath, Healer, I Have a Headache, Idle Hands, In The Name Of Science, Institute of Arts, Into the Dark, Journeyman Blacksmith, Killer, Last Bastion, Last Confession, Librarian, Lifesaver, Low Tolerance, Master of Death, Masticator, Medic, Medical Marvel, Moving Day, Perverter, Pest Control, Punching Bag, Read the Fine Print, Reader, Reasons to Live, Remorse, Researcher, Return to Sender, Sinatra, Smasher, Stolen Victory, Surgeon, Surgeon General, Surgeons Lament, Sweatshop Worker, Tapestry of Time, Taste Tester, The Earth Shudders, The Legend, The Little King, The Mind of Madness, The Rise of Kafa-El, The Voice, Under The Boot, Untouched Wilderness, Warrior, Well of Truth, What Once Was Lost, Whole Dome, Wiresnipper, Wormfood

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