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Alcohol Drunk 220 220
Angels Killed 6 6
Books Read 745 745
Damage Dealt 4677 4677
Damage Taken 9944 9944
Deaths 75 75
Demons Killed 21 21
Doors Destroyed5050
Doors Repaired 0 0
Food Eaten 26 26
HP Healed 17836 17836
Items Crafted 6 6
Items Repaired 185 185
Kills 67 67
Locks Picked 0 0
Pets Killed 22 22
Pills Taken 131 131
Power Removed 0 0
Power Restored 0 0
Targets Shot 4 4


Level: 30
Classes: Seraph Paladin Mortal
Leader in The Outsiders
Rank 2 Member of Knot of Keepers
Physical Description:
The skin of this tall, thin individual is a pure, jet black in color, reflecting no light. His hair is a stark, contrasting white, and his eyes are glowing orange orbs. He is wearing a Chainmail Shirt, a Diamond Ring, an Hazmat Suit, and a Pair of Dark Blue Denim Jeans. A cloud of small clockwork devices are flittering about their person. A pair of great, feathered wings sprout from their back.
Personal Description:

  • First Aid
    • Surgery
    • Melee Combat
      • Advanced Melee Combat
        • Expert Melee Combat
    • Repair Item
      • Smithing
        • Mastersmith
    • Search
      • Sense Magic
        • Strength
          • Stamina
          • Shield of Faith
            • Defensive Stance
              • Divine Armor
              • Strong Attack
                • Elite Attack
                • Arc Lightning
                  • Clockwork Cloud
                    • Spring of the Enhanced Capacitor
                    • Eye of Clockwork Precision
                      • Infinite Attack
                      • Holy Fortitude
                        • Stance of the Guardian
                          • Wings
                            • Badges Earned:
                              Alcoholic, Bibliophile, Bibliophile, Big Bad Wolf, Bloodlines, Bookworm, Bruised, Buried, Cleanser, Common Touch, Critic, Critic, Cromahl-Hult, Crushed, Crusher, Deluge, Doctor, Dogkiller, Effervescence, Eresius Rest, Fatigued, Favored of Baraas, Fire and Ice, Fixer, Flakes of Delight, Fought the Law, Four Winds, Frat Boy, Harmonious Joining, Healer, Hole in None, I Have a Headache, Immutable Law, Killer, Landfall, Librarian, Living the High Life, Low Tolerance, Medic, Mender, Netherland, Opportunity Knocks, Paradise Lost, Pill-popper, Punching Bag, Reader, Riptide, Shades of Black, Shades of Grey, Sincerest Flattery, Smasher, Surgeon, Tainted Fruit, Taste Tester, The Crypt of Maeval, Tinker, View from the Top, Warrior, Wormfood
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