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Alcohol Drunk 52 187
Angels Killed 0 3
Books Read 769 914
Damage Dealt 14039 64004
Damage Taken 22034 68952
Deaths 277 729
Demons Killed 47 380
Doors Destroyed13125
Doors Repaired 0 0
Food Eaten 45 74
HP Healed 436 4375
Items Crafted 0 1
Items Repaired 197 578
Kills 170 943
Locks Picked 5 39
Pets Killed 52 153
Pills Taken 25 142
Power Removed 0 0
Power Restored 0 0
Targets Shot 218 360


Level: 30
Classes: Wizard Sorcerer Mortal
Veteran in The Police Force at the End of the Universe
Rank 2 Member of Fraternity of Wondercraft
Physical Description:
This character is a formless spirit, floating above the planes, dead.
Personal Description:
Does not negotiate with evils!
  • First Aid
    • Ranged Combat
      • Firearms
        • Advanced Firearms
    • Repair Item
      • Gunsmith
        • Master Gunsmith
    • Search
      • Sense Magic
        • Psychometry
        • Sense Morality
          • Strength
            • Sorcerer
            • Alchemy
              • Alchemical Transmutation
              • Infuse
                • Spellcraft
                  • Wizard
                  • Arcane Marksman
                    • Arcane Siphon
                      • Greater Arcane Siphon
                  • Blink
                    • Cosmic Affinity
                      • Cosmic Oneness
                      • Greater Infusion
                        • Magical Reserves
                          • Spells Known
                            Spell NameSummaryMP
                            Arctic BoltAuto-hit spell, 6 cold damage8 MP
                            Frost Charge12 MP
                            FrostbiteRanged spell, 5 cold damage3 MP
                            GlacierblastRanged spell, 11 cold damage7 MP
                            Glyph of Pain vs EvilArea-of-Effect Spell12 MP
                            Ice StrikeRanged spell, 8 cold damage5 MP
                            Sharp VisionBuff Spell10 MP
                            Water BreathingBuff Spell5 MP
                            Badges Earned:
                            A Whole New World, Alcoholic, All Stitched Up, All Ye All Ye Outs In Free, Altar of the Ancients, Aspect Hunter, Assassin, Barn Assassin, Beginning of the End, Bibliophile, Big Bang, Blinded by Lust, Bloodletter, Bloodlust, Bookworm, Bridge Magic Built, Bruised, Buried, Captain Bloodbeards Folly, Cleanser, Confluence, Critic, Crushed, Crusher, Crystal Farm, Deadeye, Deck of Cards, Demonslayer, Disciple of Death, Doctor, Exterminator, Fatigued, Favored of Baraas, Fixer, Founding Father, Frat Boy, Goldlust, Gourmand, Great Bowl, Ground Zero, Hammer of Light, Handyman, Heres Johnny, Hermits Repose, Hole in None, Immutable Law, Impassable Dream, Iron Barracks, Keeping Healers in Business, Killer, Last Ship Leaving, Librarian, Lich Pet, Living the High Life, Lord Mayor, Low Tolerance, Master of Death, Medic, Mender, Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin, Opportunity Knocks, Pest Control, Pill-popper, Punching Bag, Reader, Sharpshooter, Shrine of the Wound, Sincerest Flattery, Slowpoke, Smasher, Smiles All Around, Surgeons Lament, Tainted Fruit, Taste Tester, Thief, Time Sink, Tinker, Tree Hugger, View from the Top, Viva La Revolucion, Walking Home, Warrior, Watery Grave, When The Walls Came Tumbling Down, Wormfood
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